Large Casting Facility
In India, a large investment casting facility.
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Aluminum Pressure Die Casting and Forging
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Good reputation in aluminum casting
We are a reliable supplier of aluminum castings.
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Welcome to Alualloycast

Industry and technology-specific high-performance services!

Our company is a family-owned foundry group based in India that supplies aluminum casting to all parts of the country. As a manufacturer of aluminum casting, we are located in Rajkot, Gujarat, India. Aluminum is one of our specialties. Aluminium Pressure Die Casting is our expertise including Die molding and sand molding.

It is alarming to see how fast technology disrupts and software “eats the world.” But those that embrace change thrive, building stronger, faster, and better products than ever.

Building The Future, Restoring The Past

What We Do


Quality Control procedures are followed during the casting process to guarantee high-quality casting.

Aluminum Pressure die casting

Using pressure die casting, high volume, net-shaped metal components with tight tolerances are produced quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.

Forging Components

Metal forging has a long history in metal manufacturing. In a forging process, mechanical parts are not only formed, but their internal organization and mechanical properties can also be improved.


Lineshing involves grinding the component to improve the flatness of its surface, whereas Fettling involves removing the risers and any excess material.

Shot Blasting

Castings are cleaned and prepared for further treatment by shot blasting. A wide range of industries use it, including automotive, aviation, rail, and shipbuilding. Our die casting work is done using this technique at AluAlloyCast.

Machining Process CNC / VMC

Machining capabilities and options add value to your castings. Let us help you with all of your casting needs.

Surface coating

Wet or powder paint is most commonly applied to a pretreated or non-treated aluminum casting to provide a good cosmetic finish.

Quality Inspection

The quality of our services is of the utmost importance to us. In this case, you might ask how you can ensure that there are no defects in the product. Quality control is the key to our success.


Metal can be marked with an identifier using an infrared pulsed fiber laser whose high energy is absorbed.

Packing / Pellets

Our company is involved in providing Packing Aluminum Casting according to the requirements of our clients.


In order to track an order, buyers need dispatch notes. The seller values them equally. Buyers often have to attach a part of the dispatch note or include the invoice number if they are dissatisfied with their purchase upon delivery. 

Industries We Serve


Multiple industries and technologies can benefit from our high-performance services!

Process Equipment

Mining Processing




Heavy Equipments

Food Processing





Electrical Consumer Goods


Our Products


Metal is the primary component of our products and they cater to a variety of industries. Using the latest manufacturing methods, we manufacture our products in strict compliance with our strict protocol.


Aluminum Pressure Die Casting Component

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Aluminum Die Casting Part


Aluminum Die Cast Car Wiper Body


Aluminum Die Cast Washing Machine Parts


Aluminum Die Casting Component


Aluminum Casting Air Filter Regulator Parts


Aluminum Die Casting Component


Pressure Die Casting Industrial Components


Aluminum Die Casting Component


Aluminum Diecast Lady Footrest For Scooter


Aluminum Die Casting Components

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Aluminum Die Casting Components


Pressure Die Casting Industrial Components

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Aluminum Die Casting Component


Pressure Die Casting Industrial Components